Many types of cases involve Surveillance. Most times surveillance means following them in your vehicle. Then there’s foot surveillance and sometimes even following someone who uses public transportation.  Whichever it is, our highly trained Investigators have that experience.

Las Vegas surveillance Surveillance or ‘watching someone personally’ is the best way to prove or disprove what is actually going on.  We don’t use GPS, tracking systems.  They don’t tell our Clients what they really want to know.  Sure GPS trackers tell you the general area they’re in but it doesn’t show you what they’re doing. We may be ‘old fashioned’ but surveillance is still the best way to, ‘Get the goods on someone.’

Cases where surveillance is used can be:

Watching an employee on the job.  We watch to see if they are stealing from the company, such as: Are they getting to work late but reporting their on time, giving away free services/items to customers, taking home items without paying, talking/texting on their phones when they’re supposed to be working and how they treat the customers.

Child Custody Cases.  We follow the spouse to learn if they are dropping the child off someplace else when they’re supposed to be home with them, if they’re going out partying, if they’re drinking and driving with their child in the car, we watch and report back to our Client everything they do.

Personal Injury/Workerman’s Compensation Cases. We take video of the SUBJECT showing any activity they may do. We follow them to see if they’re working, or simply carrying in packages when they said that they can’t lift anything.

Just for the heck of it. If a Client just wants to know what someone is doing, we’re there to take video and report back.