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Fighting with your ex over who has your child more, who should pay Child Support – how much should be paid, if a person must pay Alimony, which parent gets primary physical custody, who gets what in the Divorce – will make even the sane person, crazy. Why can’t marriages end as sweetly as they started? Well, maybe in a perfect world. But since it’s not, Divorce can be one of the most stressful things a person can go through.  This is when it’s time to hire a Professional. Venus Investigations will help you find out things that can help you & your attorney in court.

Family Court Cases - Investigator You have too many other things to worry about, like taking care of your child and providing a roof over their head & food on the table. Call us to help you figure out how we can help you.  All conversations are discreet and all matters are kept confidential.

Surveillance can help your case in so many ways.  Here’s a good example:

Venus Investigations had a case where the Client hired us to follow his ex-wife  –  into the world of “Swinging” to which he had introduced her to. For those who don’t know what that is, it means, swapping spouses with another couple to have sex or inviting single men/women, or perhaps having a threesome. In this case the Client wanted to know if his ex-wife was ‘swinging’ without him with another couple they previously had ‘fun’ with and if she was out drinking with them prior to picking up their child, since he had a court order saying she would be in contempt if it was determined she was under the influence of alcohol 12 hours prior to picking up their child thereby she could lose having ‘joint custody’.

The Investigator followed our Client’s ex-wife to a bar. There the Investigator easily befriended his ex-wife and the couple (whom she met there) and was invited to participate in their ‘fun’. Of course the investigation didn’t go that far, but the evidence needed had already been ascertained for both the Client and the Court.


Family Court Cases - Investigator