Locate People – Find Your Loved Ones

This is what Venus Investigations does – we FIND PEOPLE.  Doesn’t matter who it is, how long its been since you’ve had contact with that person or even ‘why’ it is you are looking for them.  Venus Investigations has the expertise. It doesn’t matter what city, state you think they’re in.

Crowd Yes, you can try finding that person yourself by using various search engines on the Internet, but they end up costing you more money, plus the information you do get back is either: Not complete, Old Information, Information on the wrong person, or it’s simply the WRONG INFORMATION.

Venus Investigations uses their ‘Telephone Techniques’ & ‘Investigative Data Banks’ that only licensed Private Investigators have access to. So we get information that the general public can’t get.

I remember one case when I working out of my CA office, in San Diego. A Private Investigator out of Los Angeles called me to find a woman whom he believed resided in San Diego. I questioned him to be sure he was really another Private Investigator and he was.  I didn’t understand why he was calling me…he’s an Investigator he could find her. Any ‘run of the mill’ investigator should know that you don’t have to live in the same city as the person you’re searching for. But I took the case anyway, why not?

So I did the first thing any Investigator should do… (Here’s a little secret)… I picked up the telephone directory and looked up her name. There it was. So then (here comes another secret) I dialed information… she was listed with her full name and address… so far so good… then to be sure she was the woman I was looking for, I called the number. She answered… It was her and to boot she gave me another phone number for her and a business address. Of course I learned this under, Pretext, but the bottom line was I ‘found her’. Now I’m not saying that the other investigator wasn’t good, but come on…she was listed. ~Venus Lovetere

What happens to some Investigators, they forget the basics. Naturally not all ‘locates’ are that simple. Fugitives from the law, debtors, drug users and others require more work than the average person.  Venus Investigations knows the ‘Art of Skip Tracing’. Venus learned this speciality working for a highly renowned Private Investigator in N.Y.C., she can’t mention his name because he’d probably want royalties, due to all his T.V. exposure.

Think of it like this; if you have the sniffles you go to a general practitioner. If you break a leg you go see an Orthopedic Surgeon, a specialist an expert. Venus Investigations is expert in this field.  Don’t be fooled, not all Private Investigators have this Expertise, they may simply be a – ‘general practitioner.’