Background Check – Asset Investigation

Background Check – In today’s modern world, we’re haunted by the fear of Identity Theft, and plain & simple, we are concerned over who we are letting into our lives.  So let’s remove that concern and check out the background of the person:


You’ve fallen in love with          *          The Nanny to watch over your child

Your next roommate                 *           A business partner

Your daughter’s boyfriend        *          Your son’s girlfriend


The reasons don’t really matter.  So I say, better to be safe then be sorry later.  No one but you & Venus Investigations will know that you are having them ‘checked out’.


Asset Investigation – Does someone owe you money?  Have a Judgement against them?  We can help you get paid.

Our Experts use ‘Investigative Data Banks’ that only licensed investigators have access to.  In fact Investigative Agencies, like ours, have to prove they we are licensed by the state we operate in to utilize their unique information services.  Thereby we (Investigators) get information that the general public can’t get. Our information is the most current and we get access to information that’s not public and not found on general Internet searches.  Remember you can use the Internet to search and maybe you will get lucky and find something out, but it will never be what Venus Investigations will find out for you.


So don’t wait – Call us to Investigate