Criminal Defense

If you’ve been arrested for a crime or know someone that has been arrested, hire a Private Investigator to tell your side of the case. Most people think that just because you’ve been arrested you must have done it. NOT always TRUE and Venus Investigations believes that.

Criminal defense investigatorWhen you hire Venus Investigations, you get a Private Investigator that has been working criminal defense cases since 1988 and understands what needs to be done and does it. Venus Lovetere has what it takes to be the best Criminal Defense Private Investigator, because she believes, “That all people are Innocent, until proven Guilty.” You want Venus on your case because she works the case void of any prior judgment. You want that in an Investigator. She has empathy for all sides. Because of this she is easily able to get alleged Victims and Witnesses to talk to her. They can tell, by the first conversation that she is genuine and sincere and will go the extra mile.

There was one case where the Client was accused of killing an infant by shaking the baby. A terrible case, but still it had to be investigated. Venus found the young mother of the baby and though she stood at her front door and told the Investigator that she didn’t want to talk about it, she did talk about it – for the next 2 hours. She brought out pictures, newspaper articles, poems she had written, in the end Venus learned that she had lied to the police and District Attorney, that there was more to the story then was previously known. The information ascertained was presented to our Client’s attorney, who used it in getting a plea agreement for our Client. And though there is no happy ending to this story, and we may not like that he was given a deal, the Client still has the right to the ‘best defense possible.’  Everyone does.

Venus Investigations works with your attorney or for you directly if you are representing yourself. If you get a court appointed attorney, make sure your attorney hires a Private Investigator on your case. The Court can pay for our services.

Our agency truly cares and always goes the extra mile. We have experience working all types of Federal & State criminal cases including but not limited to: Capital Murder, Child Abuse, Sexual Assault, Robbery/Burglary, Kidnapping, Bank Robbery, Theft, Drug cases, Stolen Property, Fraud and more…