Cheating Mates

If you get that sick feeling in your stomach when you think about what your partner is doing… don’t wait call Venus Investigations, because something is wrong.  We will help you by figuring out exactly what is going on.  We realize that if it got to a point where you had to call a Private Investigator, we understand that you may be feeling like all is lost.  But it’s not. We understand that you may be embarrassed over having to make this call, but when you speak with Venus Lovetere, the owner and Private Investigator who will be handling your case, you’ll feel an immediate sense of relief.

Cheating spouse

Maybe because Venus is female that gives you comfort.  Maybe because she doesn’t think you’re ‘crazy’ because you believe your partner is cheating. Or maybe because she just, listens. Whatever your reason, you will like her enough to know that she will help you get to the bottom of this mess.

In most cases, surveillance is the only way to prove that your partner is cheating or not.  Videos & pictures help and so does a detailed investigative report.

Surveillance is difficult, it’s not like you see on TV.  But Venus Investigations knows how to follow someone. It’s the only real way to prove that your partner is cheating or not.  It’s not only proof for you, but to the ‘Cheater’ as well.  Because ‘Cheaters’ will deny, deny, deny, until they make you think that you are crazy for even accusing them.

Once the case is over, and you have the detailed investigative report, and you read that report, word for word to the ‘Cheater’  telling them where they were and the time they were there… a look comes over their face that says, “I’M CAUGHT – THE JIG IS UP.” Sometimes that’s all our Clients want, is the satisfaction that the ‘Cheater’ knows that they know, ‘what’s really going on’. Here’s one example of that:

We worked a case where the husband told his wife that he had to work overtime several nights a week, which was why he was always late. So one night the Investigator followed him from work to several strip clubs. During the surveillance the Investigator called the Client & told her the details of the case and that he was going to strip clubs (just like she thought). She immediately got on the phone with her husband & told him that she knew that he was at a particular strip club.  He denied it (go figure). However, in this particular case he had not yet gotten out of his vehicle, so the Investigator was able to also tell his wife exactly where he was parked in the parking lot. It was at that moment the Investigator observed the ‘Cheater’ look around his vehicle for someone watching. And though he didn’t see the Investigator, he knew he was busted.

Get proof. Another example:

We were hired to follow our Client’s wife. Though she told our Client that the affair with her boss was over (she still worked there), something just wasn’t right. We followed her to one of the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, she not only met her boss there, had dinner with him, but they got a room (for a few hours). We provided our Client with a detailed report of the ‘Cheater’s’ activities, which our Client held onto until the ‘Cheater’ paid their house and bills off from a huge settlement his wife was getting and then our Client confronted the ‘Cheater’ with the Investigation report. Needless to say, the ‘Cheater’ no longer denied it and our Client got satisfaction.