Venus Investigations is owned & operated by, Venus Lovetere.  Though born and raised in New Jersey, in 1978, Venus moved to Las Vegas, and in 1986 she stepped into the field of Private Investigations.

Venus found her forté and made Investigations, helping people her life. Every case, is personal.

A couple of years later, she moved to Brooklyn, N.Y., where Venus was employed by a major investigative firm in Manhattan.   There she learned several types of investigation techniques, one of them was the specialty of ‘How To Find People’.   Not every Investigator knows these techniques and because of this,  she is an expert in knowing how to find someone.  Working surveillance cases in ‘the city’, meant mostly following them on foot or by using public transportation;  like the subway, the ferry, buses or taxis, since most people don’t drive.  Working as an Investigator in New York gave Venus a great learning experience, one which very few people get a chance to do.  She was lucky.

Venus took her experience and moved to California where she obtained her CA Private Investigator license in 1992.  There she learned the art of ‘SUB ROSA’ and worked both Workman’s Compensation cases and Criminal Defense Cases for approximately 6 years. In 1995, she returned (home) to Las Vegas, and in 1996 she gained employment as a Criminal Defense Investigator with the Nevada Federal Public Defenders Office.

In 2000, she went back into private practice and here in the State of Nevada, through the NV Attorney General’s office, Venus obtained her Private Investigator license and opened, Venus Investigations.

All her experience is learned from being ‘on the job’.  You can’t teach someone, common sense.  You can’t teach someone, ‘how to talk to people’.  You either have it, or you don’t. Venus has it.  So when you hire her company, you get all her experience, expertise and knowledge.  Plus you get someone who really cares about you and your situation.  You’re not just another case.

Venus Investigations is discreet and all investigations are confidential.  No case is too small or too big.  No case is too strange or too unusual.  No case is too difficult.


When you call to speak with an Investigator, you’ll speak directly with Venus Lovetere, always.